Have you ever wondered where a detective learns how to interrogate a suspect or victim?

ICI is a program this focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of the individual criminal investigators skills in performing the multi-disciplined, multi-leveled tasks necessary to successfully conduct comprehensive criminal investigations.

Since its inception, the motto of the ICI Program has been “Excellence in Instruction, Contemporary Curriculum.” This operational philosophy is the driving force of the program because it focuses on providing an instructional cadre equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to deliver training using methods that maximize understanding and retention. These skills are coupled with cutting-edge courses and a developmental process that is necessary for keeping abreast of rapidly changing criminality. The end goal is a highly trained and competent investigator who is able to meet the investigative challenges of the new millennium.

In this program Bridggett has the privilege of helping create complex scenarios acting as both victim and criminal, in an effort to not only sharpen her acting skills, but give back to a group that benefits greatly from the interactive training.

For the team I work with, Thank you!

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