Have you ever wondered where a detective learns how to interrogate a suspect or victim?

ICI is a program this focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of the individual criminal investigators skills in performing the multi-disciplined, multi-leveled tasks necessary to successfully conduct comprehensive criminal investigations.

Since its inception, the motto of the ICI Program has been “Excellence in Instruction, Contemporary Curriculum.” This operational philosophy is the driving force of the program because it focuses on providing an instructional cadre equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to deliver training using methods that maximize understanding and retention. These skills are coupled with cutting-edge courses and a developmental process that is necessary for keeping abreast of rapidly changing criminality. The end goal is a highly trained and competent investigator who is able to meet the investigative challenges of the new millennium.

In this program Bridggett has the privilege of helping create complex scenarios acting as both victim and criminal, in an effort to not only sharpen her acting skills, but give back to a group that benefits greatly from the interactive training.

For the team I work with, Thank you!

As “Pandora Gunn” I Unleash my Voice

Through a combination of modern cover bands and original work, learning to write, and perform in a studio and with live bands has been a great experience!

From the rock edge of Unreal in Germany, and the classic grit of Don Hill’s in New York, to more digital productions like my original work “You Don’t Care”, the adaptability required has done amazing things for my vocal and character range as well as for my ability to adapt.

Working with cover bands, my character work training proved an invaluable asset in meeting the need to visually transform my style to match the theme.

This Music Video Is Official Selection for Sacramento Film and Music Festivals (Sac Music Seen)

Award Winning Dancer Badia

As “Badia” the Award Winning Belly Dancer

My style is hard to describe. I guess you can say that I am a highly innovative creative entity that follows no rules! I strive to be true to my soul and spirit as an artist, definitely a modern triple threat on stage and screen.

Upon moving to California, I discovered a wonderful treasure of art history… an original Middle Eastern Belly Dancer, classically trained in Egyptian Raqs Sharki. Jodette, “Camillia of Jordan”, was a classic triple threat in song dance and Egyptian film.

After gaining great insight from Jodette, I turned to my theatre craft to build the personae of “Badia”, a classically trained modern styled dancer that has led me to a number of great performances and awards.

Badia Promo Shot

To see more go to my Badia website at http://www.raqsharki.com

Scene from “Streets” with Kelton Howard and Bridggett Bess.

streets posterA drama about two women who find that real love is based not on wealth but on caring. Amber has everything she wants: Wealth, a handsome husband and a beautiful home in Sacramento’s version of Beverly Hills. She also is an alcoholic. Her marriage to her husband dissolves, as is her state of mind. One fateful evening she becomes involved in a one night stand that will eventually change her life forever.

What happens when secrets go to the grave? 6 friends find out it’s not easy keeping things buried, especially your darkest fears.

Actors Bridggett Bess and Dustin Miller take a moment to explore the dynamic of their characters’ tumultuous relationship.
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